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"If Jack's in love, he's no judge of Jill's beauty."
~Benjamin Franklin


Okeeee.. Welcome! and.. umm.. yeah.. just welcome 'cuz i have nothing better to say.. I used to have a pic of this really kute cow up there, but i got sick of it.. yeppers.. but don't worry about the cow.. she's safe.. yep yep.. Maybe i'll put a pic of Molly up there someday! i dunno.. and contrary to any belief you may have or stuff some freaks may tell you.. molly is a moose! Okay, now i'm just talking to myself...
Just to tell you... I know nothing at all about making pages.. so this page isn't really much..
anyhow... here's some info about me...

Name: Wendy Sheu
Stuff weirdos call me: Wensy... Wendi... Wendeeeeeeee... Saw... "Aunty Wenpy"... Tarzan... & uhhh.. lotsa other stuff..
Location:Saratoga, California... a really small city by San Jose.. in California
Birthday: April 23...
School: Saratoga High School
Siblings: I have an older brother attending JHU (Johns Hopkins University) in Baltimore, MD.. Click Here To See Pic of My Bro & Me (April 1998)
My Quotes (yep.. i made 'em up): Life is a puzzle... & usually the pieces don't fit.. but hey, make them fit... if you want something to happen.. make it happen.. dreams don't always come true on their own.. & people don't always wait a lifetime for you...; fate only does so much, the rest is up to you..

sooooo... first you can visit a poll of the weirdos of SHS

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Stuff on my page.. (yah.. i started moving things around [fer instance this "stuff" (what a creative title) section]'cuz there was kinda a lot of stuff on my main page.. but.. ya know.. click.. and be happy)

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