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okay.. so here's me..
My name's Wendy..Some people like to call me Tarzan... this freak started it.. not me!! I was not given this very strange name by choice, k? (thankfully, i don't hear this name used often anymore). I live in Saratoga, California... which is a puny lil' city right next to San Jose.. My b-day's April 23rd... I'm a senior at Saratoga High School and the treasurer of interact @ SHS. My older brother goes to JHU (Johns Hopkins University) in Baltimore, MD.. (Click Here To See Pic of My Bro & Me) (April 1998) where i guess i'll be going next year too! =)
ummm.. life is happy.. so yay..

and yeah.. since this was on my page before.. here are just some quotes i wrote.. or made up.. or whatever.. Life is a puzzle... & usually the pieces don't fit.. but you can make them fit... if you want something to happen.. make it happen.. dreams don't always come true on their own.. & people don't always wait a lifetime for you... fate only does so much, the rest is up to you..