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lilskittle's Home Page

"If Jack's in love, he's no judge of Jill's beauty."
~Benjamin Franklin

NOTE: right now i'm moving around some stuff.. soooo.. a buncha the links might not work

Hello.. welcome.. and whatever else.. i'm finally doing something w/ this page.. kinda.. well.. not really.. but better than nothing, right? I moved it here (to tripod) 'cuz that lil' banner thingy that other thingy sticks on my page in the other thingy really bugged me.. I still don't know much about making pages... so this page will still be dull and boring.. yay!

okay.. so here's me..
My name's Wendy Sheu.. Some people like to call me Tarzan... this freak started it.. not me!! I was not given this very strange name by choice, k? I live in Saratoga, California... which is a puny lil' city right next to San Jose.. My b-day's April 23rd... I'm a junior at Saratoga High School (and if I don't update this page for awhile then i'm probably not a junior anymore when you read this..) My older brother goes to JHU (Johns Hopkins University) in Baltimore, MD.. (Click Here To See Pic of My Bro & Me) (April 1998) I'm in Spanish 4H right now... so like.. i kinda know spanish... but umm.. not really =)... so yeah.. i don't have anything else to say!

actually.. yeah.. since this was on my page before.. here are just some quotes i wrote.. or made up.. or whatever.. Life is a puzzle... & usually the pieces don't fit.. but you can make them fit... if you want something to happen.. make it happen.. dreams don't always come true on their own.. & people don't always wait a lifetime for you... fate only does so much, the rest is up to you..

okay.. so now my no frames version is less organized.... but here's everything that's in my frames version... sorry it's so icky! i'm just putting it in a big gunk for now... no time.. ahhh..
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i added a new counter & guestbook since i moved my page.. yep..

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Silly silly idiot
What is the stupidest thing Wendy has done this year?

Decided to take AP Chem (& had to drop yearbook for that too.. even worse.. ahh)
let dale borrow money from her
let people call her tarzan and then let this idiot, the one who got people to call her tarzan, sit behind her in spanish
decided to put this poll on her page
added that really annoying song to the main page


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