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Wendy's Page Thingy

sometimes people fight so hard for acceptance that they don't realize it when they've been accepted..

"If Jack's in love, he's no judge of Jill's beauty."
~Benjamin Franklin

Hello.. welcome.. and whatever else.. i'm finally doing something w/ this page.. kinda.. well.. not really.. but better than nothing, right? I moved it here (to tripod) 'cuz that lil' banner thingy that other thingy sticks on my page really bugged me.. I still don't know much about making pages... so this page will still be dull and boring.. yay!

okeeeeeeeeee... so i guess i haven't done anything to this thing in like.. 8 months or so? yeah... whelps, since i finished my web development class, i've been wanting to start a new page.. from scratch.. but i haven't had the time yet, and i might move it somewhere else... 'cuz these banners are really annoying me.. so yeah..


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i added a new counter & guestbook since i moved my page.. yep..

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