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The Story of Turkey Day

la la la... since thanksgiving is coming up...... i thought i'd just add this thing here to explain the story of thanksgiving.. okay.. so like... one day.. there was this duck.. and it was all like.. *quack* and then there was this cow... and she was all like mooooooooooooo.. and soooooooooooo.. they had their family and relatives there so they were all quacking and moo-ing.. and one can imagine how noisy that is.. soooooooooo.. this Indian comes along and is all like.. hey.. lets go kill a turkey instead 'cuz i can't stand all this noise! sooooo.. they all get really excited and are all like "kill kill kill".. soooooooo.. they go kill a turkey.. and they eat.. and that is why we now have two days off from school.. yay!
(also, according to yao.. the cow and duck had sex.. but umm.. i dunno about that)